Q: What is textbook buyback?

A: Kraftees will buy back any textbooks that you no longer need / want, as long as they have value.

Q: Why should I sell back my textbooks?

A: If you have textbooks that you do not want, selling them back to Kraftees keeps used books in the area for students to purchase in upcoming semesters. The more used books that are kept within the area will increase the amount of used inventory on campus.

Q: When is the best time to sell my textbooks?

A: Kraftees buys back books year round. There are times however when prices will increase. At the end of the semester, typically during finals week, during the busy buyback period Kraftees will pay a higher premium for a textbook that will be needed for the upcoming semester. The sooner you sell your books the better, as quotas are met prices do decrease.

Q: How much will I get for my books?

A: Kraftees works with three national wholesale companies that set prices based on nationwide demand, we pay you the highest amount offered to us regardless if the book is being used in upcoming semesters or not. However, if Kraftees knows certain textbooks are being used in the upcoming semester we will place a higher premium on the book until we reach our quota. 

Q: What if the book is not being used next semester?

A: If a textbook is not being used for the upcoming semester Kraftees will still try to buy your book. We work with three national used book companies nationwide, opposed to other buyers using one. These wholesale companies set national demands and prices on the books and we will buy your book at the highest value one of these companies offer.

Q: Why is my book worth nothing?

A: There are a few cases that there may be no value on a textbook. First, the publisher has put out a new edition of the text. Books are updated at certain points determined by the publisher, and when this occurs there is no longer any national demand for the text, therefore they cannot be purchased. Secondly, the textbook you have is a custom book for Oswego State University. In certain cases professors create books just for their course here at Oswego, if they are not using it again it cannot be bought because there is no national demand for the text.

Q: Do I need a receipt to sell my books?

A: No, you do not need the receipt you purchased your books with. Nor does it matter where you purchased your textbooks, if you bought them online or at another store Kraftees will still buy your books.

Q: Do I need the CD or other materials the book came with?

A: Yes. Typically you need all materials the book came with when you purchased it to receive the maximum value of the textbook.

Q: Will you buy my book if its highlighted?

A: Yes, we buy books that are highlighted. The only time Kraftees may not purchase a book is if the condition is damaged. (i.e. Missing Cover, Water Damage, Extremely Dirty, Ripped Pages, etc.)

Q: Do you buy study guides & lab manuals?

A: If there are no pages riped out and the book is not written in Kraftees will buy back these items.

Q: This textbook is only used in the Fall, should I wait till the end of Spring to sell it?

A: There is no easy answer to this question. If the book is confirmed in May to be used again you can receive a premium for the book because it is being used in the upcoming semester. However there is a chance the book may be updated and at that point there may be no value at all on the book. Each book varies so it is up to the student whether or not to take the risk.

Q: What do I do with books that are not purchased?

A: If you have books with no value that you do not want, you can leave them with Kraftees and we will recycle them for you. 




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